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If the time is ever right for you to remember Franciscan Missions in your will, we would be so grateful to you! You can discuss with your attorney or financial adviser the options available to you. Some possibilities include naming the General Secretariat of the Franciscan Missions, Inc. in a will or living trust, or as designated beneficiary of bank accounts, retirement funds, annuities, or life insurance policies. We also accept gifts of stocks or bonds.  

Advisor Resources

If you are advising a client who is considering a planned gift or bequest to the Franciscan Missions, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Suggested Language for Your Will

To simplify the process of adding Franciscan Missions to your will, you can take this language to your attorney.

Planned Giving Newsletters

Want to know more about how you can use your assets to support Franciscan Missions? Read the latest Franciscan Missions Legacy of Hope newsletter.

Planned Giving Resources

We understand that estate planning can feel daunting, and we want to offer you a few resources to make it easier. These guides are written to inform you on current options and opportunities in the Planned Giving process.
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